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Performance Kits
     Made for concert use, pro kits can play 100 times louder than home kits. NASA, musicians, and DJs choose GS pro kits.
     All use JBL 15" or 18" woofers and titanium horns. The Who, ZZ Top Rolling Stones, and Michael Jackson all use JBL in concerts. JBL is U.S.-made, with cast frames, huge magnets, and vented voice coils for best strength, bass, and power. While other speakers might use stamped frame woofers or plastic piezo tweeters, Gold Sound performance kits only use the best. The JBL parts in these kits are used in most concert halls, recording-studios, and better clubs. Quality is far above others. A JBL 15" has under 1% distortion at 120db. Double 15/18" have under 1% at 126db. More costly competing models have over 10% distortion. Kits save you money and give you the flexibility of custom building your kit in one box or subwoofer/satellite;
     All GS kits are 3 or 4-ways, which are "more efficient, have less distortion, and maintain wide bandwidth," Loudspeaker Handbook. Four-ways improve power and dispersion and lower the woofer-to-mid crossover for quick bass.
     GS kits use JBL titanium and constant-directivity (CD) horns. "Better strength and reliability. CD horns are a standard," Sound and Communications. "CD horns coverage is wideband; great virtue is smooth response on and off axis," Handbook of Sound System Design.
     GS kits' 100-Watt horns have 90 degree horizontal dispersion, 40 degree vertical dispersion. "Wide horizontal and limited vertical dispersion is good. Vertical dispersion sprays floor and ceiling. Direct sound has greater clarity," Weems, How to Design and Build Speaker Systems.
JBL Pro Speakers
Modular Kit Design
3 or 4-Ways
Low Bass Crossover
JBL Titanium Horn
Best Sound, Most Reliable
Smoother, Higher Power
Quicker Transient Response
Linear; Reliable; Quick
5-year warranty
Compact, Expandable
Greater Reliability
More Natural Sound
Widest Dispersion
Kits Include Speakers, Crossovers, and Plans. JBL has a 5-year guarantee. Cabinets are extra.