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Hybrid Tube Amps


ABSOLUTE SOUND recently described a Vincent amp as "combining the best of two worlds by using a vacuum-tube preamp to drive a solid-state power amp. Listeners will appreciate the combination of deep, powerful, authoritative solid-state bass & tube-fueled delicacy, shimmering detail & almost surround-like imaging."

The power transformer is an amplifier's most expensive & most important electronic part. The transformer determines the power output & bass of any amp. The fact that Vincent amps have oversize torroidal transformers makes them unique. The finest amps, for many thousands of dollars, use torroidal transfomers, since they sound best & are quieter. Most amps & receivers for thousands of dollars have noisier standard transformers that can be heard humming across a room, even without the speakers being connected. Standard transformers have metal plates that vibrate 60 times a second. Torroidal transformers are inherently shielded, more efficient & don't have the many buzzing metal plates that are in most transformers.

The $699 SA31 preamp & other Vincent preamps, power amps & integrated amps have a torroidal transfomer. Every reviewer praises Vincent's excellent parts quality & construction. Most  companies only guaranty tubes for a few months. Only Vincent guaranties all of their tubes for two years. We've sold Vincent for three years & have never had to replace a tube or fix  an amplifier.  

     "The German company Vincent began in 1995 with the goal of placing high end sound within reach of the common man. Uwe Bartel, its founder, made high end affordable by using an innovative  business model, which is common today: Design products in the West & build them in China. This marriage of German engineering & Chinese manufacturing proved quite successful.
      Mr. Bartel, an electronics engineer, had no problem designing interesting audio gear. Vincent's attractive mix of good sound & value gained momentum & global market share. Even though their fit, finish & elegant aluminum chassis high end, the price is quite affordable. Vincent's quality is more than skin deep."

, list $450; your cost $399; moving magnet & moving coil; black or silver finish. "Well finished & appointed; sturdy construction, high quality parts, hefty 3 pound external power supply. A level of build quality unusual in this price range. Quiet; sound is liquid, soundstage vivid & dimensional; you'll need a much bigger wallet to beat it." ABSOLUTE SOUND EDITOR'S CHOICE 3/13

SA31, list $750, now $699, "A well-made entry-level vacuum-tube preamp with tone controls & a loudness contour switch. The preamp's sound is characterized by a rich, seductive midrange & hearty & solidly weighted bass. Terrific bang for the buck." ABSOLUTE SOUND EDITOR'S CHOICE 3/11

, list $1850, now $1599, "Staging & focus are strengths. Its nice to find ones like these that deliver so much pleasure for such a relatively modest price." ABSOLUTE SOUND 12/10; EDITOR'S CHOICE 3/11


SP331, list $1600, now $1395, 150W/ch/8 ohm; 250W/ch/4 ohm; POWER AMP of the YEAR  "One of the best-sounding sub-$2k amps. A hybrid tube / solid-state amp combines the richness & subtlety of fine tube designs - especially through the midrange - with the sheer low frequency grunt, control & agility of a good solid-state amp. In the treble it sounds slightly softer but also more delicate than solid-state amps in its price range."  ABSOLUTE SOUND EDITOR'S CHOICE 

"One of the sweetest deals in high end audio today. Midrange subtlety & richness in spades; a delightful holographic 3D presentation that reveals the finely contoured edges of notes."  ABSOLUTE SOUND 

SP331mkII, list $2750, now $2499,  150W/ch/8 ohm; 300W/ch/4 ohm, ""One of the best-sounding affordable power amps. It combines the harmonic richness & subtlety of fine tube designs - especially through the midrange - with the low frequency power, control & agility of a good solid state amp. The SP331 matches synergisticly with today's best budget solid-state preamps, adding welcome touches of midrange finesse & richness while preserving a taut & well controlle
d presentation." ABSOLUTE SOUND 

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