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  Gold Sound Understands Value...
All equipment is selected upon a quality to value ratio weighted towards very good quality and a good price.
We're proud of what we sell... Unlike big box stores, we offer personal service and no hassle sales.

We're open Tues.-Fri., 11-6, Sat. 11-5. We have over 50 different new & vintage turntable models in stock from 20 manufacturers. New turntables include Pro-Ject & Rega, both made in Europe with 3 year warranties. All our turntables include diamond needle cartridges & many have wood bases. We have over 90 different new & vintage speaker models in stock from 34 manufacturers. New speakers include Elac, Dali, Spendor, Yamaha, Fyne. Some have walnut, oak or black finishes. Most of our new speakers have 5 year warranties. Fyne speakers have won rave reviews from STEREOPHILE & ABSOLUTE SOUND & have 7 year warranties. Vintage speakers include JBL, B&W, Infinity, Klipsch, Bose, KEF, Boston Acoustics & Definitive Technology. We have new & used towers, bookshelf, centers & subwoofers. We have over 30 different vintage reel-reel & cassette decks in stock from 14 manufacturers, with stereo, plus four channel models that overdub. Reel-reels include Teac, Tascam, Pioneer, Sony, Revox, Akai & Sansui, 10" & & 7" models, in wood cases. Cassettes include Nakamichi, Teac, Tascam, Pioneer & Yamaha. All our vintage turntables & recorders look & work great, have been refurbished & have 100 day parts/labor warranties & 100% trade-ins. Recently customers bought turntables, receivers, amps, tape decks, subs, speakers, etc. The only parts we sell are new home stereo cables, new Grado headphones, new Ortofon, Grado & Sumiko phono cartridges & needles. We only repair units bought here: new speakers, new turntables & vintage audio. Call us at 303 789-5310. Gold Sound is Denver's only Prima Luna dealer. For many years Prima Luna has been the most popular & best reviewed affordable tube amps. Gold Sound is Denver's only dealer for Jolida / Black Ice tube amps & Spendor speakers made in England. We recently became a LUXMAN dealer. We display their PD151 turntable, which has 33/45/78rpm plus pitch control & L505ux mk II integrated amp with 100-150W/ch, plus dual blue power meters. Elac speakers have earned the praise of STEREOPHILE and ABSOLUTE SOUND for their outstanding sound + tremendous value. "A recent star includes $499/pr Elac UB5, a brilliant contender that own their class." ABSOLUTE SOUND. One of the world's foremost speaker engineers, Andrew Jones, designs Elac. He's designed many speakers for KEF, Infinity, Pioneer + TAD for up to $100,000. Elac's $499/pr UB5 bookshelf is our smallest 3-way system. UB5 has Elac's Uni-fi driver with dome tweeter that is time-aligned in the center of 4" midrange. The UB5 has exceptional clarity & bass response for its price. DALI Dali is one of Europe's leading speaker manufacturers. Their products have earned the praise of STEREOPHILEABSOLUTE SOUND, WHAT HI-FI & more for their  Quality construction, outstanding sound & tremendous value. Some engineering features include wood pulp midrange & woofer cones; ribbon tweeters for extended, smooth treble & soft dome tweeters that have a sweeter sound than the common metal tweeters; precision -engineered crossovers & well-braced, Danish furniture quality cabinetry. Headphones make great gifts and can have far better sound than much more expensive speakers. We have Grado's most popular headphones, the $80 SR60, $100 SR80, $149 SR125, $200 SR225 & $295 SR325 all in stock. For 70 years, Grado has built great cartridges & headphones in New York. Grado headphones are highly rated by STEREOPHILE, ABSOLUTE SOUND & the leading consumer magazine. The only headphones rated a "BEST BUY" are the GRADO SR60 & SR80, above far more expensive Bose, NAD, Oppo, Shure & Audeze models. The $250 NAD rates lowest of any headphone over $60. The top-rated Grado $295 SR325 & $200 outperformed a more costly B&W. The $100 Grado SR80 & $80 SR60 rate far better than any $300 to $400 wireless headphone.


All look & sound great, have gold RCA inputs, double banana 4/8 ohm speaker outputs, Integrated amps & preamps have line stage inputs only.


3 year warranty, point-point wiring, auto tube bias, removable steel tube cage. Preamps & integrateds include an aluminum remote control. Integrateds include a tube 1/4" headphone jack & RCA tape outputs.

EVO400, 70W/ch Stereo Integrated amp, EL34/6CA7 tubes, $4999

EVO 100 Stereo Preamp, dual mono, $1999

DARED MARS integrated hybrid, speaker & pre out, Bluetooth, 25W/ch, USB, headphone list $540, demo $389


Speakers are by far the most important part of any system. Since there are far more speakers brands than all sound electronics combined [amps, receivers, servers, etc.] choosing the right speakers can seem like a daunting task. First, have an LP, CD, etc. that is well recorded & that you know well & to bring to test speakers. Ideally the recording should have voice & piano or other acoustic instruments. I do not recommend using an action DVD with many explosions & other noise. We know what a voice or acoustic instruments should sound like. Often the movie soundtrack was created in the recording studio & never actually existed in real life.

Listen for each instrument, both individually & together. An accurate speaker will let you hear everyone performing in a band or orchestra. Each instrument & voice should sound natural & not be over emphasized. The tonal balance should be natural without sounding boomy or shrill. With a good recording on good speakers, the performers will seem to be left, center & right, plus three dimensionally placed in front or back of each other. A speaker should not sound like the music is trapped in the box, but instead have three-dimensional imaging.

Unfortunately, some stores deliberately make the selection process more difficult. The rest of the system should be in the same price range as the speakers. Ideally, the speakers will cost about half of the entire system price. We use $300 to $500 receivers to demonstrate $300 to $500 speakers. Some stores use amps or receivers that cost ten times more than the speakers.

These stores will have an expensive subwoofer playing with budget bookshelf or tower speakers, making the speakers sound far more impressive than they really are. Unfortunately, these same stores won't tell you about the super-expensive amps or subwoofer that is on. Sometimes, despite repeated requests, they won't let you hear their speakers without the subwoofer or mega amps.

These stores can turn up the bass or have the loudness control on [which boosts bass] without informing the customer. Each speaker should play at the same volume. Otherwise, many people will prefer the louder speaker. The same music passage should be heard on each speaker. Some stores will play more exciting music on the speakers that they want to sell the most.

We never use these deceptive practices. Often when we play our small speakers that have good bass response, customers will ask to hear them without a subwoofer. I will then smile & show how we do not even have a subwoofer connected to the system. Since our speakers & other equipment are proven values, we do not need to mislead anyone.

Gold Sound continues as Colorado's only dealer still dedicated to high quality, high value sound. After reading pages of ads from some other Colorado stores, one could think that the only remaining sound equipment are five, seven & nine channel AV receivers or "whole house" systems with mediocre sound in every room.

Yes, we still have affordable systems that sound great. We have new receivers & amps with phono preamps built-in from $300 & up. We have new hybrid tube amps from $500 & up. We have new European-made speakers that are quick, dynamic & image well from $400 & up. We have new automatic turntables with diamond needles & preamps built-in from $119. We stock 20 new turntables, including Pro-Ject, Rega, Thorens, Marantz, Pioneer, VPI & Audio-Technica. We have dozens of new diamond needle phono cartridges in stock from $40. Most are U.S. or European made, including Grado & Ortofon.

Yes, we have used receivers & amplifiers with phono preamps built-in from $100 to $200, including vintage Marantz, Pioneer, Kenwood & Sansui models. We have used vintage U.S. made tube amplifiers with phono preamps built-in $300 on up, including U.S. made Dynaco, Fisher, Scott, Dynaco, Eico & Heath models. We have used speakers under $200/pair from JBL, Bose & others. It is difficult to find other stores with any of this equipment. No other Colorado store has all or most of this equipment.

We have the Rega Planar 3 turntable. This great value, is made in England & highly recommended by STEREOPHILE & ABSOLUTE SOUND in the same class as far more expensive models. WHAT HIFI awarded this turntable PRODUCT of the YEAR & calls it the single best value of all turntables.

STEREOPHILE recommends over 60 of our products. Focal 906 is highly recommended by ABSOLUTE SOUND. DENVER POST South Hub section had a full page about Gold Sound, including three color photos, "Quality Sound is Music to the Ears." STEREOPHILE & ABSOLUTE SOUND rank the best audio values with over 100 recommendations for equipment we carry, including Grado, Marantz, Ortofon, Parasound Halo, Prima Luna, Pro-ject, Rega, Sumiko, Dali, Fyne, Spendor & more.

We have more customers than many much larger stores that heavily advertise. Thanks to your support, we stay very busy. Here's some recent customer comments.

"At last, I've found a real store."
"Gold Sound is the only store to buy from."
"You're real friendly and consumer-oriented."
"You're the value-performance leader."
"Other high end stores just want to take my money & won't speak to me afterwards. You are always helpful."
"Thanks for keeping the vinyl love alive! I'm going to stop there to peruse through your LPs."
"Your willingness to teach me about taking care of my records and my turntable made a great impression on me and I'd love to keep going to you guys for my analog needs!"
"Every other store won't give me the time of day. You actually help people."
"I've never heard sound so clear."
"Am I glad we found you. We bought this today & will be back to buy more."
"You're the first person I've spoken to who understands in your heart & brain what I need. Why did I waste my time at other places?"
"It's great to find a high-end store without the attitude. You're very knowledgeable."
"I've gone to many other stores, but only buy here, since you have the sound & values."
"You're the only place in Colorado with a good selection of stereo & home theater equipment."
"You're a smaller shop & more focussed on customer satisfaction than any big box store."
"I went from Fort Collins to Denver to Colorado Springs visiting every audio shop. I was so impressed with your speakers that I bought two pairs. There's no speaker for this kind of money that can beat them."
"They are very experienced & knowledgeable in audio, not like some short timer at a box store. They took their time to determine what would work best for me & didn't seem driven to getting the largest sale they could. I'm very happy with my purchase & how it has worked. I highly recommend Gold Sound."
"It is so nice to hear all of the music again. You did an outstanding job of repairing my set! I will be back soon. Thank you so much for everything." J.H.

STEREOPHILE recommends Parasound & Prima Luna amps, plus many of our bookshelf & tower speakers. ABSOLUTE SOUND, said "Gold Sound simply had too many turntables to even begin to judge them. Rega, Thorens, Pro-Ject - the list is seemingly endless. It sure looked awesome & offered further testament to the boom in vinyl." At the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, listeners regularly exclaimed, "Your $6000 system sounds better than others for $20,000." Stereophile had two paragraphs on Gold Sound's display.

For 45 years, customers looking for the best values in new & used home stereo equipment, home theater & pro audio have come to Gold Sound. Over 253,000 people have seen our website. Customers include people in all 50 states & about 50 nations, plus many government & corporate customers, including NASA, Disney, Lockheed & Boeing.

Our Stereo Stone Base is a 1.2" thick, 30 pound custom machined granite slab with vibration absorbing feet. The stones look beautiful & improve the sound of turntables, The imaging, coherence, clarity & detail all improved. Using two European turntables, from 25 to 250hz, we measured over 10db reduction of acoustic feedback. At many frequencies, there was a 15db reduction. Stereophile Magazine called Moscode's room the best sounding at the RMAF. Their display used a Stereo Stone, shown on Stereophile's website.

Ron 5/15/21

Visitors since Jan 2001
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