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ron gold Gold Sound's Sale and Demo Equipment

list $4130; demo $2898/pair

Our Rogers LS3/5A, the world's most famous studio monitor, has real rosewood veneer & is in mint condition. The AB-1 is a passive subwoofer / speaker stand & is also in mint condition. You'll save over $1100 & get some of the best sound & imaging at any price. 

All made in Europe, 5 year warranty; very limited quantities.

                              List price  NOW
905 Bookshelf        $1000   $699/pr


People have traded in many B&W bookshelf & tower speakers, plus Klipsch, Paradigm & NHT towers, for Focals. Focals have deeper bass & higher efficiency in the same size or smaller cabinets. 


Yamaha is famous for great value & reliability. All  are new in sealed boxes with a 2 year parts & labor warranty & have USB & many video jacks, [HDMI, RCA component & composite], plus include YPAO & a standard microphone to analyze the room acoustics & automatically adjust for best sound. All but the RXV381 include wired & wireless internet connections for Airplay, Internet radio, DLNA Music Streaming & Spotify. The RXV579 can power 5 speakers in one room & 2 in a second, plus has 6 HDMI inputs.

                      HDMI In/out  list   now
RXV381 70Wx5ch, 4/1 $300 
$279 Bluetooth & USB
RXV579 80Wx7ch, 6/1 $550 $449 internet & A/B speakers
RXV681 90Wx7ch, 6/1 $650 $599 "& phono preamp, Dolby Atmos
RXA750 80Wx7ch, 6/1 $750 $649  internet & A/B/C speakers

DEMO SALE all have full manufacturer's warranty & in excellent  condition.

5 year warranty, Made in England.
5 STAR WINNER, WHAT HI-FI, KANDY K2, list $1925; now $998

SAVE MORE on the pair! ROKSAN K2 CD & new K2 USB Integrated Amp, list $3800, now $2449 / pair with 5 year parts & labor warranty. 

3 year parts/labor warranty, gold RCAs & metal cases.
DAC MAGIC 100, list $400, now $299
"Astonishing performance for price."
These DACs are very versatile, with 3 digital inputs: USB, RCA digital & optical [toslink]. They improve the sound of CDs, computers & other digital sources. This uses a high quality Wolfson WM8742 DAC.

DAC MAGIC PLUS, list $650, now $499
"New benchmark for DAC performance." HI-FI+

The DAC MAGIC PLUS has the added benefits of a volume control & headphone jack, so it can be used as a headphone amp or preamp for digital sources. It has two high quality Wolfson WM8740 DAC with upsampling to 24 bits/384khz, plus three outputs: RCA, XLR balanced & digital. You can use this DAC either vertically or horizontally. 

AUDIOQUEST: Dragonfly Digital-Analog-Converter [USB only] & headphone amp, only $149. Absolute Sound & Stereophile Recommended

TURNTABLES with tonearm, diamond needle magnetic cartridge & cables
PRO-JECT, made in Europe with cartridges 
ESSENTIAL II with carbon fiber tonearm $299 
w/Phono preamp & USB out, $399
 w/carbon fiber tonearm & $100 Ortofon 2M Red cartridge, Black or Red color, list $450 now $398

CARBON + USB & phono preamp, $498
RM1.3, Cool looks, great sound, $498 

VPI, all U.S. made, TRAVELER on display

SPEAKERS - list/now
MONITOR RADIUS, 5 year warranty, great reviews, beautiful lifestyle speaker, swivel wall-mounts.  

225 25x5x4",l20W,gloss black, for use with flat panel TV $800 / $629/pair 

QUAD 988 ESL, ABSOLUTE SOUND Top rated, heavy steel stands, $7400 / $4999/pr 

CENTERS 5 year warranty list / now, ea
QUAD Lite Center, 200W, cherry veneer, two 4" woofers, 5x13x6"; 86db eff; list $400, now $289
SUBWOOFERS all powered with RCA & speaker level inputs, adjustable crossovers & 5 year warranty;                                     list /now, each
FOCAL 300P, 600 watts. now $799  

 w/grills & fit 2x4 walls; round grills except as noted list/now
GOLD SOUND 6.5C",U.S.made NEW! $299/pair
GS8C, 8",U.S.made NEW! $399/pair
JBL SP6, 6", swivel 1", NEW! $300/ $239/pair
KEF Ci130F,square grills,New! $200 /$169/pair
MONITOR 165 $300 /$239/pair* 
NHT IW1,rectangle grills New! $200/ $139/pair


FOCAL SPIRIT 1, list $280, now $199. 5 Stars Sound Quality & Construction, TOP-RATED  by WHAT HI-FI.  

PRO POWER AMPS U.S. made & mono bridge 
CROWN D60 classic amp, 35W/ch,wood case $329

More Pro Audio all NEW, - List/Now
DENON DN2100F, Pro Dual CD, pitch $l250/$398
Rane Rpe228, Digital EQ,US made $1250/$349

NEW JBL Pro Speakers
These JBL speakers are new, in sealed boxes with 5 year parts & labor warranties. JBL Eons are the most  popular pro powered speaker. They are light-weight, [only 32 lbs.] rugged & sound better than many larger &  heavier speakers. Their internal amps & mixer saves you set-up time & space. Features include a constant directivity horn with a titanium diaphram & 100 x 60 degree dispersion. JBL Eons have proven themselves  with millions of hours of use by bands, DJs, schools, churches, bars & more. 

EON 515XT, 15" & horn, powered, with 525 watt bass amp & 100 watt horn amp; only 32 lbs., 3 channel mixer with XLR mic & 1/4" line inputs, 132db max. volume, bass & treble controls, list $1800, now $888/pair

JBL Pro Speaker Parts
These were in a Denver church; they sound & look great; minimal use & are not road dogs. They're great for high power musician or DJ use; home or tube amps. We have many JBL speaker components, including 8", 10", 12", 15", plus horns, drivers & tweeters.

2380A, 2"horn, 500-20k; constant directivity 90 degrees hor., 40 degrees ver., llxl7x9" flat front, 4 bolt, list $331, now $129 ea 

2445J, 2"driver,500-20k, l50WRMS, llldb eff., titanium, 4" voice coil, 4 bolt, 9" dia., 4" deep, 30 lbs., list $880, now $369 ea 

Speaker Components all NEW, $40 minimum sale
Gold Sound, US made, 4 ohm,1" vented voice coil, poly cone, extended back plate
4l0, 4", 2"deep,l0oz.mag,50W,92db,l00-6k $29 ea
505, 5.2",l.7" ", 5oz.mag.,40W, 90db, 80-5k $25 ea
5l2, 5.2",2.5" " l2oz.mag., 50W,92db, 80-5k $29 ea

VIFA from Denmark, 4 ohm K10, 4" treated paper cone,1.6" deep, vented voice  coil, great sound, full-range or mid; 40W, 89db, 80-20k, $24 ea

AUDAX / Polydax DOME TWEETERS, made in Europe, with ferrofluid, integral phasing plug / grill & 200V Mylar nonpolar crossover capacitors.
ohm/size/FR/watts/db/notes;used in $/ea

Dw50 4 2"d 2-20k 60 95 no screw holes $7
Dw74 8 3"d 2-20k 60 95 JBL, PSB $7 
Tw51ti 4 2"s 3-25k 40 91 Klipsch;titanium $5
Amtw5l 4/8 2"s " 40 91 Shielded $10
Tw60 4 2.6"o " 40 91 $5 
Tw60ti 8 2.6"o " 40 91 Titanium $5
Tw74 4 3"d " 40 91 Wharfedale $5
Tw74ti 8 3"d " 40 91 Sony,Titanium $5
Amtw74 4/8 3"d " 40 91 Shielded $10 
Tw60 Angled case, 2x2.2"; l.3-.4"high $5ea 
Above with swivel mount, $8 ea
Abbreviations: d=diameter; o=octagon; s=square

All have excellent sound, appearance & original drivers. People often ask if they're new, since they look so nice. Hear these & many more at our store. JBLs have real wood veneer cabinets, die cast aluminum frame woofers & tweeter controls. We have more vintage JBL, AR, Advent, B&W, Bose, Pioneer, etc. speakers.

, large, 10" 2-way, nice walnut cabinets with nice grills; woofers have new foam rubber. One of the most popular U.S. speakers; $349/pair

AR5, 10" 3-way, walnut, $498/pair

JBL L77, walnut, LE10 woofers, PR10 passives, both with new rubber surrounds, all alnico, U.S. made $489/pair 

LESLIE 102 & 103, with working rotators, 6BQ5 tube amps, all original Jensen musical instrument speakers, nice walnut cabinets. These came from a church. U.S.
made, $699/each

SOTA PANORAMA, U.S. made, time-aligned, Focal drivers; 30-200W; 1.25" thick cabinet w/stands, list $2800; now $998/pr

All look & sound fine. These speakers fill a room with 5 Watts. Unlike Ebay, you can inspect & hear before buying. On Ebay, they cost far more, plus hundreds for shipping & can then arrive damaged. 

USED SPEAKERS & ELECTRONICS 100's more in stock: speakers, receivers,  power amps, integrated amps, preamps, tuners, CDs, cassettes, reel-reels, turntables, EQs, pro equipment, DJ & MORE; since we don't have shipping cartons, only LOCAL, IN-STORE SALES.

Over 4,000 LPs for sale: Rock, Popular, Jazz, Big Band, Classical, Opera, Country, Folk, New Age & Gospel, plus new CDs, DVDs & cassette tapes. Local sales only.

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Pro-Ject Debut Carbon
$449 in black or red
$499 with USB

Pro-Ject Essential
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