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  Gold Sound Understands Value...
All equipment is selected upon a quality to value ratio weighted towards very good quality and a good price.
We're proud of what we sell... Unlike big box stores, we offer personal service and no hassle sales.

We're open Tue.-Fri. 11-6, Saturday 11-5. Recently customers bought home turntables, receivers, amps, tape decks, subs, speakers, etc. The only parts we sell are new home stereo cables, new Grado headphones, new Ortofon, Grado & Sumiko phono cartridges & needles. We only repair units bought here: new speakers, new turntables & vintage audio. Call us at 303 789-5310. Thanks for your support for 45 years.
Gold Sound's "All About Headphones"

Why are headphones so popular? 
1] Good headphones cost a fraction of the price of good speakers.

Good headphones greatly improve the sound of an ipod and other portables.

Difficult room acoustics are no longer a problem. You are always in the best listening position.

4] Good modern headphones are comfortable and lightweight.

5] Receivers, most amps, preamps and CD players have headphone jacks.

6] If your equipment doesn't have a headphone jack, a good headphone amp costs far less than a good integrated amp. Rega or Grado headphone amps sound far better than the headphone amps in receivers, integrated amps or preamps.  

7] Our receivers, Parasound, Yamaha and Marantz amps and many preamps include a headphone jack. Listening to good headphones through a preamp saves you the cost of an amp and speakers. You can build your system in steps and later add more parts.

8] Headphones help family harmony. Since not everyone wants to hear the same music at the same time, headphones definitely ensure domestic tranquility.

I've reviewed headphones for PLAYBACK & think headphones may be the most cost-effective way to access true top-tier sound. Most flagship headphones are under $2000, yet they deliver the well-balanced, wide-range frequency response, dynamics & lavish detail of high-end speakers for $10,000 - $20,000 or more. Headphones can't equal a great speaker in reproducing a realistic soundstage, but they provide an almost microscopically intimate view of subtle details of most recordings. Not a bad tradeoff, is it?" ABSOLUTE SOUND  

We display & stock:
 *Asterisk means that this product has been favorably reviewed by STEREOPHILE, ABSOLUTE SOUND, etc. Reviews can be found on our "RECOMMENDED" pages.

GRADO, all in stock; all SR models are U.S. made
   iGrado, $49 
   SR60E, $79 
   SR80E, $99 
   SR125E, $149
   SR225E, $199
   SR325E, $299

Also available:

HEADPHONE AMPS: Creek, Dared, Grado, Lehmann, Marantz, Music Hall   

HEADPHONES: AKG, Audio-Technica, Denon Pro, Focal, Grado, Yamaha



GRADO All except iGRADO are handmade in N.Y.

, $49, 5 STARS, TOP RATED, BEST PORTABLE HEADPHONES, "More detail, range, sense of of scale & sheer musicality than anything at this price." WHAT HI-FI AWARDS

SR60e  A leading consumer magazine rated the $79 Grado SR60i above 26 more expensive models, including six Bose, two Beats by Dre, a $300 B&W, a $400 Sony, a $300 Monster, a $350 Klipsch, $400 PSB, a $350 Sennheiser, a $130 Audio-Technica, a $400 Shure & many others.   

"For sheer musical enjoyment, these are hard to beat." BEST BUY, HI-FI CHOICE 
"Full bass & excellent detail resolution." 
EXCEPTIONAL VALUE, same class as $400 'phones,
above $309 AKG K601; Bose Quiet Comfort 3 & Triport; $450 Shure 530; & Sony MDRV700dj WHAT HI-FI

"The Mighty Mouse of headphones; superb midrange &  natural dynamics. Well-balanced treble, well-defined bass. Can be driven directly from an iPod or other digital player. Comfortable." ABSOLUTE SOUND EDITOR'S CHOICE

"Great audio bargain. Has the signature Grado midrange excellence. lt delivers just enough  midbass warmth to satisfy." 

SR80e, $99, A leading consumer magazine rated the $99 SR80i as the best of all 37 headphones tested & a BEST BUY. The Grado SR80 is rated above 25 more costly models, including six Bose, two Beats by Dre, a $300 B&W, a $400 Sony, a $300 Monster, a $350 Klipsch, $400 PSB, a $400 Shure, a $350 Sennheiser, a $130 Audio-Technica & many others.
BEST HEADPHONES up to $200, Awards. "Revealing, awesomely detailed,  musical, natural & simply beautiful."
 "The Mighty Mouse of headphones; superb midrange transparency & natural dynamics. Well-balanced treble, well-defined bass. Can be driven directly from an iPod or other digital player. Comfortable." 

SR125e, $149, "Neutral, detailed & warm sounding; extended frequency range & wide dynamic range. Sounds natural at a wide range of volume levels. Never aurally or physically fatiguing. Both musical & revealing, amazingly comfortable, more than any other headphone. Grado's biggest bang for the buck."  EXCEPTIONAL VALUE, in same class as $430 headphones, STEREOPHILE RECOMMENDED
above $309 AKG K601; Bose Quiet Comfort 3 & Triport; $450 Shure 530 & Sony MDRV700dj


SR325e, $295, BEST HEADPHONES up to $600, 
Musical, detailed sound makes them truly a top buy."
"Highly sophisticated & detailed sound with great extension." BEST BUY,
"Greater treble extension & more efficient than another companies' $600 headphones."
STEREOPHILE RECOMMENDED; rated in the same class as $600 headphones
"A unique transparency." 
"For under $650, you can achieve sound quality that costs thousands [with] Grado SR325 & RA1 headphone amp. Grados are chosen by the most discriminating sound pros." 

GR10 In-Ear headphone, $399, "The first thing I noticed was the quality bass, which was mighty impressive.  One will surely appreciate their honest, yet deep reaching b
ass response, able to set off the part of my brain that responds to low-end thunder. Grado was conscious of the bass overpowering other frequencies & thankfully this does not occur. The midrange is most noteworthy." 

"The treble was well served by the GR10. It echoed not only the fine traits of the bass & midrange & reflected well on the Grado engineers' decision not to overtax the driver. Well integrated treble, demonstrates an ability to render any instrument very lifelike."

"A significant advancement over the already fine GR8 in-ear headphone. Very reasonably priced & a fine product, but for only $100 more one can experience even greater pleasure from a medium that all music lovers & audiophiles on-the-go will surely appreciate. The GR10 -- an outstanding, relatively affordable in-ear headphone that audiophiles can enjoy."  AUDIOPHILE

RS2e, $495, "Remarkably vivid, vibrant & engaging midrange. Sweet, silky smooth highs & taut, lively bass. Gobs of resolution & inner detail. Truly breath-taking openness. As much resolution as $16,000 speakers. That's amazing."ABSOLUTE SOUND EDITOR'S CHOICE

RS1e, $695, "Lightweight & have a big as all outdoors soundstage & clarity that are unbeatable in its price class. I could listen at any sound level - super soft, mildly loud, or a pedal-to the-metal roar - and still hear the same level of detail. Spacious soundstage, freewheeling dynamics & vivid clarity down to the quietest details of the recording.  SOUND & VISION 9/2016    

RS1e, $695, "A music lover's component."
INNER EAR, v. 17, #3, 07
"I like these more than AKG K701 or Sennheiser HD650.  Grado's luscious sound scores an immediate "wow". The hand-crafted, real-mahogany headphone has a technicolor-rich sound.  I'm right there with the musicians. l love these. Speakers with a glimpse of their astonishing clarity have stratospheric prices." 
5 STARS, TOP RATED above AKG 301+K601; Bose Quiet Comfort 3 & Triport; Sennheiser 485 & 585; Shure Se210, 530 & 530pth & Sony MDRV700dj

GS1000e, $995, "Comfort personified & built for long listening sessions. Your ears will never feel more coddled than with these luxury foam headphones. Terrific; an unforgettably mind-expanding soundstage." ABSOLUTE SOUND EDITOR'S CHOICE BEST HEADPHONE

"Nothing comes close. If you want to hear what your music really sounds like, the GS1000 will prove irresistable.  
"The Rolls Royce of headphones. The most alluring trait was its mind expanding soundstage." ABSOLUTE SOUND 
"I gush over how they clarify live recordings. The sound seemed to surround me with a rare ability to resolve depth, just as in a concert hall. Ditto for revealing rock & jazz CDs. Grados have always been exciting. The bass is deep, yet more controlled & precise than ever before. They are a natural for home theater. Their unfailing resolution of micro-details revealed the spatial cues & ambience of each locale. Their sound really pulls you into the music, so much so it's hard to stop listening." HOME ENTERTAINMENT    
5 STARS, "Amazing performance, simply awesome," TOP RATED above AKG 301xtra & K601; Bose Quiet Comfort 3 & Triport; Sennheiser 485 & 585; Shure Se210, 530 & 530pth; & Sony MDRV700dj WHAT HI-FI

PS1000e, $1695, "It builds on Grado's
signature midrange excellence by offering a more extended sound on both ends of the frequency spectrum. It really shines by delivering low-level detail in an effortless, relaxed way." ABSOLUTE SOUND 


SAVE on CREEK OBH11, Headphone Amp; list $225; now $179
                                     Connects to line in; One pair gold RCA inputs & outputs; stepped volume control; aluminum case; Separate regulated power supply; audiophile grade parts; Made in U.K. 


GRADO Headphone Amp
ALL GRADO AMPS are handmade in NY
RA1, $350, "With tube-like timbre & a sweet, relaxed sound, it makes extended headphone listening a joy. Although battery-driven, it's more at home in your equipment rack than on the road. A beautiful wooden case finishes off this gem." ABSOLUTE SOUND 
"Perfect for high-end road warriors. A specialist that brings out the best." ABSOLUTE SOUND 
"High-end headphone amplification for any system. With Grado top-notch headphones, it's a sumptuous personal listening experience." OPERA NEWS
For under $650, you can achieve sound quality that typically costs thousands [with] the Grado SR325 headphones & RA1 headphone amp."  OPERA NEWS    

"Excellent value for the money. Clearly a music lover's component." INNER EAR   

PRO-JECT HEAD BOX SEII, $399, allows connection of two headphones each with its own volume control, 4x3x6" 5 STAR TOP-RATED above more expensive Musical Fidelity." WHAT HI-FI, AWARDS 

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