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Amplifiers, Preamplifiers and Integrated Amps


SOLD INTEGRATED,160-240W/ch, phono pre, DAC, remote control, sub outs w/xover; silver & black, STEREOPHILE & ABSOLUTE SOUND RECOMMENDED, was $2500,now $2249

SOLD P5 PREAMP, ABSOLUTE SOUND RECOMMENDED, phono preamp, remote control, DAC, sub outs w/xover; silver, was $1100, now $998  

A23 AMP, 125-225W/ch, 400W/mono, black, new in sealed box, was $1000, now $898  

JC1 AMPS, 400-1200W/ch, silver demo, STEREOPHILE & ABSOLUTE SOUND PRODUCT of the YEAR, STEREOPHILE A RATED, in same CLASS as $120,000 amps; list $9000, now $7198/pair. The 2020 JC1 is only 50w/ch more, plus costs $17,000/pair, over twice as much.  

CLASSIC 2100 PREAMP, phono preamp, remote control, sub outs w/xover; black, 3 year warranty, was $700, demo $598


CX60A INTEGRATED,60-90W/ch, DAC, remote control, WHAT HIFI RECOMMENDED, with ID100 iPod dock, list $1200, demo $629  


PRIMA LUNA makes the most popular and best reviewed affordable tube amps. The construction and parts quality are the best anywhere near there price. All models include point-point wiring, auto tube bias, LED bad tube lights,removable steel tube cages and your choice of silver or black front panels.

All preamps & integrated amps include aluminum remote controls. Integrated amps include tube headphone amps with 1/4" jacks. Integrated and power amps include 4 / 8 ohm outputs. All models have 3 year parts/labor warranty; tubes, 6 months.

EVO400 Stereo 70W/ch Integrated amp, EL34/6CA7 tubes, $4999

EVO100 Stereo Preamp, dual mono, $1999

DARED LP100 is a phono preamp only.

DARED Saturn integrated, single ended, 25W/ch, remote control, KT120, USB input, headphone output, list $2700, demo $2199

DARED MARS integrated hybrid, speaker & pre out, Bluetooth, 25W/ch, USB, headphone list $540, demo $389

DARED LP100 Phono preamp, MM/MC inputs, 20 adjustment settings for gain/volume, capacitance & impedance, list $2000, demo $1299

DARED RD1 Blue tooth radio, 25W hybrid amp, remote control, line level & wireless inputs; built-in speaker; headphone & preamp outputs. Styled like 1950s Grundig table radios. 7.75 H x 13 W x 7.5" deep.
list $650, demo $329

PRIMA LUNA point-point wiring, auto tube bias, removable steel tube cage.


We display new Prima Luna, Parasound, Marantz, Yamaha, Jolida, Elac & Cambridge Integrated Amps, all 
highly recommended by STEREOPHILE & ABSOLUTE SOUND. The Parasound, Yamaha, Elac & Cambridge include Digital to Analog Converters with three inputs, RCA coax, optical/toslink & USB. We have 8 new tube Integrateds from Prima Luna, Jolida & Dared.
The Dared includes a Digital to Analog Converters [DAC] with a USB computer input. The DAC's greatly improve the sound from digital sources, including CDs, ipods, phones & computers.

We have many beautiful vintage amps with 100 day warranties from Marantz, McIntosh, Yamaha, Sansui, Nakamichi, Hafler, Crown, Kenwood & more. Our used tube amps include McIntosh, Dynaco, Fisher, Scott, Heath, Eico, Knight & more.  See our Sale page for more info. LOCAL SALES ONLY.

We have a great selection of new preamps & power amps, including 5 Parasound models & 3 Prima Luna models, all on display. Our many used pre & power amps include McIntosh, Crown, Adcom, Dynaco, Levinson, Proceed, Nakamichi, Kenwood, Onkyo, Yamaha, Rotel & more. Our used tube amps include Dynaco, McIntosh, Eico, Heath, Leak & more. 


For over 20 years, Jolida has had some of the most affordable tube amps that are assembled in the United States. STEREOPHILE & ABSOLUTE SOUND have recommended Jolida amps. Jolida makes all tube integrated amp, preamps, power amps & phono preamps. Every Jolida integrated amp & preamp includes an aluminum remote control. All their products have excellent parts & construction quality.


STEREOPHILE & ABSOLUTE SOUND awarded Prima Luna 7 recommendations, the most of any amp company. Only Prima Luna has 3 integrated amps "A" rated by STEREOPHILE. While most McIntosh products cost several times more than most Prima Lunas, no McIntosh are recommended by ABSOLUTE SOUND & only one is recommended by STEREOPHILE.

Prima Luna is the leading manufacturer of affordable, high quality tube amplifiers. Their 35W/ch tube power amp is $1099 & has a 2 year warranty. This amp drives Focal speakers to loud volumes. Gold Sound is Prima Luna's only Colorado  dealer. We have Prima Luna tube integrated amps, preamps & power amps.

We have Prima Luna power amps, preamps & integrated amps on display, so you can here why so many knowledgeable audiophiles prefer tubes. We have new
Parasound, Cambridge & Dared Tube Integrated Amps & Preamps with built-in DACs, including RCA & optical inputs for CD players, plus USB inputs for computer-based sources.  


Highly  recommended by STEREOPHILE!$1095, Remote Control
USB, RCA & Optical
PHONO Input: MM/MC [100/47k ohms]

Line inputs: 6 RCA, one XLR bass & treble controls
Outputs: XLR balanced & RCA  black or silver. 

The P5's features & sound quality are far above anything anywhere near its price. Most preamps many times its price do not include Parasound's DAC, home theater bypass, adjustable subwoofer crossover or 5 year warranty.


DARED Compact Models are very compact, combine tube & solid state electronics, feature built-in Digital to Analog Converters with a USB computer input, premium construction, & a 2 year warranty. The RD1 has built-in speakers. Speakers are optional on the other models. 

MARS Hybrid Tube Integrated Amp, $498
25W/ch, Class A amp
INPUTS: RCA le level, DAC, 2.4 gig wireless conection to smart phone, iPod & iPhone
OUTPUTS: 3.5mm headphone, RCA preamp, double banana 4 & 8 ohm speaker 
TUBES: [1] 6N3

SIZE: 7.5 wide x 6" deep x 4" high

DR100 Hybrid Tube Integrated Amp, $575
25W/ch, Class A amp, Remote control, 
Built-in FM DAB/RDS tuner w/20 station memories
INPUTS: 3.5mm line level, DAC, 2.4 gig wireless connection to smart phone, iPod & iPhone
OUTPUTS: 3.5mm headphone, double banana 4 & 8 ohm speaker 
TUBES: [2] 6N1, 6E2 cat's eye VU meter
SIZE: 10" wide x 6.5" deep x 5" high


MP-5BT Hybrid Tube Integrated Amp, $498
25W/ch, Class A amp
INPUTS: line level, USB with DAC to computer, 2.4 gig wireless connection to smart phone
OUTPUTS: 3.5mm headphone, RCA preamp, double banana 4 & 8 ohm speaker 
TUBES: [1] 6N3

SIZE: 10" wide x 6" deep x 5.5" high

DARED Mainline models are larger & feature state-of-the-art quality construction, including toroidal power transformers, gold RCA input & double banana output connections, autoamtic tube biasing,  ceramic tube sockets with gold pins & a 2 year parts & labor warranty.

SATURN Integrated Amp, Single-ended, $2725
25W/ch, VU meter.  Many audiophiles love Single Ended Tube Amps for their superior imaging & natural midrange. Most SET amps are far more expensive than the Saturn with a fraction of its power, usually well under 10 watts. The Saturn is both more affordable & more powerful than other SET amps, giving you a greater dynamic range with less distortion. The extra power enables the Saturn to drive many more speaker models [92db & up efficiency] than other SET amps.
FEATURES: 4 line level inputs; USB Digital Analog Converter, 32 bit, 384 khz., Remote Control
TUBES: [2] KT120 outputs, [2] 12AX7
OUTPUTS: 4 & 8 ohm speakers; headphone & preamp.
SIZE: 14.75" wide x 12" deep x 7.5" high

We now have on display:
 *Asterisk means that this product has been favorably reviewed by STEREOPHILE, ABSOLUTE SOUND, etc. Reviews are further down on this page.



DARED SATURN Tube  Integrated Amp, $2725

25W/ch, 4 line level inputs & USB, Remote Control, KT120 output tubes, 2 year warranty

DARED DR100 Hybrid Tube Integrated Amp, $5754 line level inputs & USB, FM / DAB, Remote Control
2 year warranty

ELAC ELEMENT Integrated Amp with DAC & Room EQ, list $700, demo $499. $699

JOLIDA JD202 Tube  Integrated Amp, $1199

40W/ch, 5 line level inputs, Remote Control, EL34 output tubes, 2 year warranty 

JOLIDA JD3502S Tube  Integrated Amp, $1799

60W/ch, 5 line level inputs, Remote Control, 6550 output tubes, 2 year warranty

Stereo integrated amp with built-in DAC*

PRIMA LUNA, all tube amps 
Classic Integrated amp

YAMAHA A-S801 Stereo integrated amp with built-in DAC*


JOLIDA JD5T Tube  Preamp, $549

5 line level inputs, Remote Control,  2 year warranty 

JOLIDA JD5T Tube  Phono Preamp, $699

MC/MM, Adjustable gain, impedance & capacitance; 2 year warranty 

A23* stereo power amp
P5* & JC2* Stereo preamps 

PARASOUND Z - Only 9.5" wide!
     Z Amp
Stereo power amp
     Z Speaker selector switch 
Phono preamp*

PRIMA LUNA, all tube amps 
Classic Preamp


A23* & A21* stereo power amps
     2250, 250-400W/channel

PRIMA LUNA, all tube amps 
Classic Power amp


PARASOUND Z phono preamp*
                       Z phono USB preamp*
                       JC3 phono preamp 
TUBE Amps & Preamps
Classic Integrated amp, 35W/ch 
     Three preamp 
     Four power amp, 35W/ch       

Virtually every receiver is only rated at 8 ohms, yet many speakers are not 8 ohms, including Focal, B&W, Infinity & many more. The Parasound A21 stereo amp, 125W/8 ohm, 200W/4 ohm for $995,  improves most receivers. The A21, 250W/8 ohm 400W/4 ohm for $2495 has far more wattage & better quality watts than any receiver. Parasound's new A31, $3295, has the same power as the A21, but has three channels, for the front left, right & center. Parasound also makes  fine five channel power amps.  


The full-featured Yamaha AS801 amp's combination of sound, power & value makes it a very popular amp. ABSOLUTE SOUND highly recommends this 100W/ch /8ohm amp. The list price is $1000; your cost is $899. It includes a remote control, phono st
age, 5 line inputs, a headphone jack, a 384K DAC with USB, RCA coax & optical tosllnk inputs, plus 2.8/5.6 DSD. This amp has double banana outputs for four speakers with A/B switching & an RCA subwoofer output. The amp's large power supply allows for more dynamic power, 140W into 8 ohms, 170W into 6 ohms, 220W into 4 ohms & 290W into 2 ohms.




Marantz AV8801 Surround Processor, $3,599
Home Theater, May, "Marantz’s new top-of-the-line performed so well, it is our new reference." 

, 8 channel power amp, $2399 "Tested power, one channel, 192W, 8 ohm; 289W, 4 ohm."  BOTH RECOMMENDED, HOME THEATER

"Its network player easily shared music, photo & video files with Windows XP, a really worthwhile feature. Marantz had far superior spatial presentation & microdynamics, plus sounded more powerful, dynamic & definitely more supple & nuanced than $5200 Denon & $7000 Lexicon receivers. Marantz easily won in every way, especially treble transient clarity, transparency & resolution, with an airy, open & extended yet sweet top end; far superior to the closed in & opaque Denon. Marantz produced complete sonic satisfaction at any volume; combined delicacy, detail, transparency & a velvety overall sheen. Bass more supple, subtle, better textured & less mechanical than Denon. Marantz high-frequency air, transparency, delicacy & transient clarity rival high-end stereo amps. I doubt any receiver at any price can match its sonic performance." HOME THEATER 


 give Parasound eight recommendations, the most of any solid-state amp. While most McIntosh products cost several times more than most Parasound, no McIntosh solid-state amps are recommended by ABSOLUTE SOUND or STEREOPHILE.

Z AMP, v.3 stereo power amp, $349, 45W/ch, 
     8 ohm; 60W/ch, 4 ohm, 90W/ch, 8 ohm, 20-20k
"I've used a couple of Zamps for years. They've powered my rear surround speakers, my officie & filled in for other amps around the house. The Z amps are totally reliable & sound nice."

"One helluva 45 watt amp, regardless of price tag & chassis size," THE AUDIO CRITIC
"The smoothness & naturalness of the Zamp's midrange was exceptional: clean, sweet, realistic & musical. If you're in the market for an inexpensive amp, run - do not walk- to check out this amp. It's a fabulous value for the money." audioXpress

PARASOUND Classic Amps
2100, $695, Stereo Preamp, "I don't know of another preamp with all these features - Subwoofer output with variable crossover; Phono input, switchable to moving magnet, coil or line; Remote control; Tone controls & Front panel MP3 input. Sound is clean, transparent, airy highs, tight & controlled bass. Distortion is so low we couldn't measured it." 11/07 ENJOY THE MUSIC.COM
"High-end stereo preamp with unique capabilities for integration into home theater systems & custom installs."


JC3 Phono preamp, $2350, JC3 midbass attack is timbrally & texturally ideal; bass tight & punchy; midbass attack timbrally & texturally ideal, performing well beyond its price. Superb musical grip & control. At $2350, the JC3 is a remarkably fine phono that easily held its own against preamps from $10,600 to $26,000. The JC3 represents the best current value in a phono preamp. 
STEREOPHILE EXCEPTIONAL VALUE, in same class as $3900 preamps

PHONO STAGE OF THE YEAR "There's a riveting balance of extremes at play here - a kiss of romance through the mids & an ability to extract & define low-level information in acoustic space. There's a warm breadth of life in every musical image."

GOLDEN EAR AWARD "Curl's earlier efforts, the Halo JC-1 amp & JC-2 preamp, were overwhelmingly well received & phono stages are one of Curl's passions. The JC-3 is a dual-mono design. Each channel is housed in its own extruded aluminum enclosure & further isolated from the power supply with thick, low-carbon-steel partitions. The JC-3 is fitted with top-quality parts throughout. What strikes me about the JC-3 is its balance of profound silence & kick-butt energy, its kiss of romance through the mids & its ability to extract low-level information & define it in acoustic  space. There's a warm breath of life in every musical image." 


Parasound Halo AV Amps
A51, Surround sound power amp, 250W, 8 ohm; 400W, 4 ohm x 5 channels, $4795, "My reference amp is the Parasound A51. I purchased this amp last spring after wanting to own it for more than 10 years & I consider it to be one of the best amps that money can buy."

"Powerful power amp with impressive sound. Excellent value."

A31, $3295, 3 channel power amp "The A31 is rated at 250W/ch, 8 ohms or 400W/ch 4 ohms, all 3 channels driven 20Hz-20k. Immediately I was struck by the treble. It revealed more detail across the soundstage & subtleties of texture. The remarkable definition continued into the midrange & bass. The bass was firm & extended & never lacked for power & weight. The clean, luminous sound of the A31 was distinguishable from the opaque treble of the $6000 Bel Canto Ref1000Mk2 monoblocks. The A31 is slightly less powerful than the $10,000 McIntosh MC303 into 8 ohms & somewhat more powerful into 4 ohms. The Mac's treble was recessed in comparison." STEREOPHILE

P7 PREAMP, $2295, "Set-up as a straight-through stereo preamp was a piece of cake. Delight to use & listen to. Outstandingly transparent. A superb analog stereo preamp at a realistic price. Icing on the cake: sophisticated control functions, renamable input displays, superb remote control & valuable ability to manage bass via its stereo inputs. A category killer. Nothing else can do what it does & the few that sound marginally better cost many times more."
STEREOPHILE RECOMMENDED, exceptional value, in same class as $8,000 preamp 
"Transparent & near silent. When you consider how noisy a receiver can be with the amp & massive power supply next to sensitive audio parts, the P7 makes a lot of sense. Free the music from all that electronic noise & audiophiles can rest assured they're getting the source material, to the best ability their system can muster. Fantastically well built." HOME ENTERTAINMENT


DIALOGUE 3 Preamp, "This surprisingly hefty preamp generates tremendous WOW factor - it's difficult to believe that such engaging, gorgeous sound, coupled with a wonderfully expansive soundstage, can be had for such a modest price. One of its most compelling virtues is that it lets music "breathe" & flow effortlessly. If you want to listen for hours without any aural fatigue & be transfixed by the musical performances & the gorgeous timbres of instruments & voices, you've come to the right place."ABSOLUTE SOUND 


, "The 36W/ch tube Prologue is more authoritative than its rating would lead you to expect & offers a warm, rich presentation. Produces clean, deep, tight bass & grand soundstaging."


PROLOGUE ONE, $1799 "My astonishment at the level of value couldn't  be more genuine. 42W/ch into 8 ohms; 47W/ch into 4 ohms. Boy oh boy can I recommend this amp. Lustily, heartily & enthusiastically recomended."

"If they ever offer a Nobel prize for bringing affordable audio to the masses, I'd be the first to nominate [Prima Luna's owner] Kevin Deal. The  Prologue One is built like a $3000 amp. The  Prologue One is right up there with the best. put tubes or 40W/ch with KT88s. It has a heavy-gauge, ventilated case with a lustrous 5 coat finish, features point-to-point wiring & 5 pairs of RCA input jacks, a Home Theater bypass & connections for 4 & 8 ohm speakers. Produced a natural, inviting midrange & performed well with a wide variety of speakers; offers outstanding sound quaity at a very reasonable price; respectable measured performance." "A tube-roller's delight, thanks to auto-biasing the Dialogue can hardly be bettered when it comes to user friendliness & operational flexibility." ABSOLUTE SOUND EDITOR'S CHOICE

WARRANTIES, all parts & labor

CROWN, 3 years
DARED, 2 years 
ELAC, 3 years on speakers; 1 year on amps
JOLIDA, 2 years
MARANTZ, 3 years   
PARASOUND Z, 2 years
PARASOUND Classic, 3 years
PARASOUND Halo, 5 years
PARASOUND Halo JC, 10 years
PRIMA LUNA, 2 years
REGA, 3 years
ROKSAN, 5 years
VINCENT, 2 years
YAMAHA, 2 years



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