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vpi classic
VPI Classic

vpi traveler set
VPI Traveler in red, white and blue ( also black not shown )

vpi scout photo
VPI Scout

US flag
VPI turntables are made in America.

Welcome to our VPI page.

VPI produces the most popular & best reviewed U.S. made turntables. For over 30 years, VPI has made the leading U.S. record cleaning machines. The Traveller is VPI's most affordable 'table,  $1399 including a $260 Grado cartridge. AV SHOWROOM awarded the Traveller, "Best new product."
STEREOPHILE, "The biggest, most exciting & most inspiring news [is] VPI's latest & least expensive turntable, the Traveler [which] takes ideas from VPI's popular Scout & Classic models. It has an aluminum platter & plinth, a new 10" tonearm & is available in a variety of colors (at no extra cost). The 'table weighs a hefty 24-lbs & is a cinch to setup.   All you need do is install the platter."

In January 2010 Stereophile, page 32, Michael Fremer has two paragraphs on Gold Sound's 2009 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest display with a good photo of our VPI Classic turntable.  

U.S. MADE; Models below include tonearm & base; cartridge & dust cover are optional 

TRAVELER, $1499 with $260 Grado Gold cartridge. The Traveler is the most affordable U.S. made 'table. Features include:
1] 10" tonearm for reduced tracking error
2] 24 lb. total weight, reducing feedback or unwanted resonance  
3] 8 lb. platter weight, for better speed consistency. 4] RCA jacks, allowing easy cable upgrades.
5] Four 2" high conical aluminum feet, reducing feedback or unwanted resonance.  

No other turntable anywhere near the Traveler's price has all these features [except for other VPI models]. A Rega RP3, for example, has none of these features. The Traveler has a piano black finish or is available in a gloss red, white or blue for an extra $100.   

"The Traveler combined delicate highs, a clean midrange, outstanding low end control & awesomely silent backgrounds with an overall ease & fluidity that we found intoxicating. The Traveler offered greater clarity, prescence & rhythmic authority than a Rega RP3." STEREOPHILE 

"Best new product."  AV SHOWROOM

"Piano sounded far more delicate, natural & controlled than I'd ever heard. Outstanding low end control & awesomely silent backgrounds. I began sending delirious text messages to audiophile friends. Intoxicating, almost magical."

"Better clarity, prescence & authority than Rega RP3. The Traveler was easily the best; spacious, open, silky smooth & well controlled, a wide, deep soundstage.  VPI kept time perfectly. I can't imagine a happier way of listening to LPs than with the Traveler. The Traveler isn't merely reasonably priced - it's a remarkable bargain, built to last a lifetime. And it's made with love, right here in the U.S." STEREOPHILE

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