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Quality Speakers at Goldm Sound

We're open Tue-Fri 11-6, Sat 11-5. Recently customers bought home turntables, receivers, amps, tape decks, subs, speakers, etc. The only parts we sell are new home stereo cables, new Grado headphones, new Ortofon, Grado & Sumiko phono cartridges & needles. We only repair units bought here: new speakers, new turntables & vintage audio. Call us at 303 789-5310. Thanks for your support for over 45 years.


SPENDOR A2 $2795/pr. "Stunning accuracy & musicality." POSITIVE FEEDBACK 6 woofer & 1 silk dome; 150W; 85db eff.; 30x6x10; 36-25k; 8 ohm, real wood veneer: walnut, oak, black ash.

SPENDOR A4 $3795/pr. "Oozes quality through & through." HIFI NEWS 7.2 woofer & 1 silk dome; 200W; 86db eff.; 32x6.5x12; 34-25k; 8 ohm, real wood veneer: walnut, oak, black ash.

For over 50 years Spendor has hand made quality speakers in England. Spendors are renowned for outstanding imaging & revealing midrange. They're easy to set up & power.

ELAC, 3 year warranty; limited stock DBR6.2, improved B6.2, walnut or oak, new $599/pair C5.2, Center, double 5.2", 1" dome new $230/each DALI

Dali is one of Europe's leading speaker manufacturers. Their products have earned the praise of STEREOPHILE, ABSOLUTE SOUND, etc. for their quality construction, outstanding sound & tremendous value. Some engineering features include wood pulp midrange & woofer cones; ribbon tweeters for extended, smooth treble & soft dome tweeters that have a sweeter sound than the common metal tweeters; precision-engineered crossovers & well-braced, Danish furniture quality cabinetry.

WHAT HI-FI rates the $2199/pr Opticon 6 as "Bold, expressive, great balance, lots of low end." Opticons, all made in Denmark, excel in sound, value & appearance. <

Though FYNE is one of Europe's newest speaker companies, their management has 200 years of experience. Their speakers have won great reviews for their outstanding sound & value. Their speed, imaging, high efficiency & appearance are far above their price class. F301 bookshelf is a 6" two way under a foot high. F303 tower has dual 6" woofers for more volume and stronger bass in larger rooms. Both are available in attractive walnut, oak & black finishes, 8 ohm, have 1" soft dome tweeters & magnetic grills. Fyne speakers have the best warranty of any speaker anywhere near their price, 7 years parts & labor.


F301 bookshelf, $425/pair. 11.8" high, 7.5" wide, 10,7" deep; 44-28k, 35-150W, 89db eff.

"Super imaging, meaty bass, warm." STEREOPHILE, rated in same class as $1500 speakers.

F303 tower, $945/pair. 38" high, 7.5" wide, 10,7" deep; 32-28k, 30-150W, 91db eff.

"Top sound quality & value, big room-filling sound; plenty of bass, look smart. For powerful dynamics, they are hard to beat for the money" WHAT HI-FI, top-rated 5 STARS for sound & build quality.

F501 tower, $1795/pair.


HOW TO EVALUATE SPEAKERS     Speakers are by far the most important part of any system, plus make a bigger audible difference than any other component. Since choosing the right speakers can seem daunting, we have many here that you can audition. Bring well recorded LPs or CDs that you know well to test speakers. Ideally the recording should have voice, piano or other acoustic instruments. I don't recommend DVDs with explosions or other noise. We know what a voice or acoustic instruments should sound like. Often the movie soundtrack was created in the recording studio; it never existed in real life. Listen for each instrument, both individually and together. An accurate speaker lets you hear every performer in a band or orchestra. Each instrument or voice should sound natural without being over emphasized. Tonal balance should be natural without sounding boomy or shrill. With a good recording on good speakers, the performers will seem to be left, center or right and three dimensionally placed in front or back of each other. A speaker should not sound like the music is trapped in the box, but have three-dimensional imaging. Some speakers that sound bright on first listening can be annoying or fatiguing after a longer time. Most less expensive amps, receivers or CD players sound bright, so it's be better not to use them with a bright speaker. A tube amp can help tame bright speakers. Unfortunately, some stores deliberately make the selection process more difficult. The rest of the system should be in the same price range as the speakers. Ideally, the speakers cost about half of the entire system price. We use $300-$500 amps to demonstrate speakers of the same cost. Some stores use amps for 10, 20 or 50 times more than the speakers. The super amps with plain speakers are like putting real maple syrup on sawdust. The sweetness can disguise the sound of speakers that most people find not acceptable with their amps. A store had an A-B test, first at moderate volume without any EQ. The units they wanted to sell had the bass boosted 10db or with 10 times more watts from the amp. This made the second demo sound better, but is very deceptive. Some stores have an expensive sub playing with budget bookshelfs, making speakers sound far better than they really are. Unfortunately, these stores won't tell you that the super-expensive sub or amps that cost more than many cars is playing. Sometimes despite many requests, they won't let you hear their speakers without the sub or mega amps. People have traded in many B&W, Infinity, Klipsch, AR, Bose, JBL, etc. YAMAHA SOUNDBARS   We stock the Yamaha YAS108 soundbar. This $199 model is our least expensive soundbar and includes Bluetooth wireless streaming, HDMI inputs + built-in amp.  


face="arial, helvetica, sans-serif">Many highly recommended by STEREOPHILE, ABSOLUTE SOUND, etc. More reviews on "RECOMMENDED" pages. CAMBRIDGE 10 bookshelf

DALI Bookshelfs: OBERON 1, OBERON 3, SPEKTOR 2  

DALI Towers: SPEKTOR 6  



OPTICON 6, 8  



DARED SP0-2 Bookshelf Speakers  

ELAC Bookshelfs: DBR6.2  

Center: C5, C5.2  


FYNE Bookshelf: F301

FYNE TOWERS: F303, F501.

QUAD SPEAKERS       988 Electrostatics      



YAMAHA  Nsaw194 Outdoor Speakers       YAMAHA Subs: YSTSW215PN, 216PN, YSTSW315 YAMAHA Powered Speakers: Nx50 Most speaker companies buy their parts from a few generic companies. All our speaker companies design, engineer + manufacture every component in their own factory. You get better sounding, more durable speakers that cost less, since you don't pay for multiple companies' markups. We choose our speakers for superior sound quality + best value, not for the biggest ad budget. We've tried 20 speaker brands that didn't pass our high standards. Most are now available at other stores. QUAD ELECTROSTATICS HI-FI CHOICE chose the top hi-fi of all time. Quad is the highest ranked speaker. "British Gold Standard; first practical full-range electrostatic; wide dynamics, delicate transparency weave an unmatched spell."    ESL988, A rated, $6499/pr,  black in same class as $39,000 models. "World class resolution, superb soundstaging, spectacular transient response" STEREOPHILE RECOMMENDED    "It will play at natural levels with a purity + accuracy that will spoil you."  ABSOLUTE SOUND EDITOR'S CHOICE YAMAHA SPEAKER REVIEWS WX-030 "TOP PICK; better sound than Polk, Monster, etc. more power than most wireless speakers." SOUND & VISION   Soundbar Reviews  YAMAHA  YAS207, $199, "Most Affordable Top Pick"  SOUND & VISION 8/20/21


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