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thorens td309
Thorens TD309

thorens td240-2
Thorens TD240-2

thorens 190-2
Thorens TD190-2

FONT color="white"We're open Tuesday-Friday, 11-6, Saturday 11-5. Recently customers bought turntables, receivers, amps, tape decks, subs, speakers, etc. The only parts we sell are new home stereo cables, new Grado headphones, new Ortofon & Grado phono cartridges & needles. We only work on units bought here: new speakers, new turntables & vintage audio. Call us at 303 789-5310. Thanks for your support for over 47 years. For over 100 years, Thorens has handcrafted superb turntables in Switzerland and Germany. We have many great Thorens vintage models in stock:

THORENS w/walnut base: TD124 w/Ortofon arm, TD125, TD126 w/1" solid walnut base. TD146, TD150, TD170.

TD224 automatic changer.

THORENS w/mahogany base: TD165, TD165 II.

We only sell these in our store; no shipping.

ABSOLUTE SOUND said "Gold Sound simply had too many turntables to even begin to judge them. Rega P3, Thorens, Pro-Ject, Denon - the list is seemingly endless. It sure looked awesome and offered further testament to the boom in vinyl." HIFI NEWS

Thorens is the world's oldest turntable manufacturer. They began in Switzerland in 1883. Many audio reviewers rate Thorens as the best vintage turntable. All have walnut or mahogany wood bases. Most have platters weighing over 7 pounds on a sub-chassis independently suspended from the base. Many Thorens' tonearms use Swiss watch bearings.




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