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thorens td309
Thorens TD309

thorens td240-2
Thorens TD240-2

thorens 190-2
Thorens TD190-2

For over 100 years, Thorens has handcrafted superb European turntables.

ABSOLUTE SOUND said "Gold Sound simply had too many turntables to even begin to judge them. VPI Classic, Rega P3, Thorens, Pro-Ject Debut III - the list is seemingly endless. Gold Sound was also premiering the Thorens TD309. It sure looked awesome & offered further testament to the boom in vinyl."

The TD309, our best sounding & newest Thorens turntable, recently was named EUROPEAN TURNTABLE of the YEAR. Hi-Fi News YEARBOOK praised the 309, "Excellent imaging, great bass, fine rhythm, absolutely outstanding. This eye-catching turntable is clearly the most novel Thorens' design in the last decade. It is ready within minutes of unpacking & offers more than a glimpse into the world of the glorious vinyl sound, which is growing in popularity among general consumers & audiophiles alike. The TD309 is a stylish & affordable passport into the realm of the vinyl LP." HIFI NEWS

CES is the world's largest electronics show. In January 2011, the Thorens 309 was the only turntable chosen BEST of CES. "Vinyl playback has been making a comeback recently & part of the reason is high-performance turntables that don't break the bank. For about the price of a full-featured A/V receiver, consumers can grab the mid-level Thorens' TD 309 turntable, which jumps out at you in red or black lacquer. Its smoothness & detail simply underscored why I've become enamored with vinyl myself lately."

All Thorens have electronic speed control; unlike many turntables, you don't have to change the drive belt to a different pulley to change from 33 to 45 rpm. All our Thorens turntables have solid wood or MDF bases. This helps the sound, appearance & durability. Thorens is one of handful of world audio companies with the honor of a full-sized book devoted to their history. Thorens began in Switzerland in 1883. In 1966 Thorens moved to Germany. Thorens turntables over 50 year old, like the TD124, originally $99 in 1957, now sell for $1000 - $2000. 


All Thorens are made in Germany w/cartridges. The 240 & 295 have attractive natural wood bases.
240, 33/45/78, Thorens' best 3 speed automatic 
295, 33/45, Thorens' best automatic turntable


TD309, $1849, "Lean, fast sound with a clean midrange, sharp transients & a well developed soundstage. Thorens has packed this interesting turntable with good ideas, a host of useful features & generous degrees of adjustability," STEREOPHILE rated in the same class as $8300 turntables  


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